You need respect on the inside

We give youth and their influencers the tools to break cycles of disrespect and thrive.

Our Toolkit

Vulnerable youth learn they are "unique contributors to the greater whole" and expand their life pathways.

Our Training

Influencers more effectively connect with and mentor youth by practicing The Respect Basics.


Boost resiliency, empathy, life skills
375 group and individual coaching activities and Common Core journaling assignments for vulnerable and opportunity youth ages 11-24.


Build youth influencer capacity
Nurture self-respect, gain trauma-informed coaching tools, create caring connections and mentor youth more effectively.


Improve academic and life outcomes
Integrate Respect 360 into social-emotional learning curriculum, best practices or as a daily or weekly program.

Why self-respect?

Our research shows that self-respect is a critical youth development asset—especially for vulnerable youth. Self-respect, knowing you’re a unique contributor to the greater whole, is less fragile than self-esteem (your opinion of yourself based on outside messages), and increases youth and their influencers’ resiliency, empathy and goal-attainment ability.

Latest News

Meeting President Obama!

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I have to say meeting President Barack Obama in San Jose in May was a huge full-circle moment for me and my entire family.

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Vulnerable Youth Have Grit: They Need Opportunity

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Some people say youth today need more grit or gumption. Some do. But the truth for those of us who’ve survived trauma, well we have true grit to spare. We need ongoing healing and for doors to open.


Reaching 10,000 Girls Via Clinton Global Initiative

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Ri and its partners are committed through CGI to reaching vulnerable girls and their influencers with our tools to help improve their life and academic outcomes.

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Are Adults Causing the Youth Empathy Gap?

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Harvard University 2014 research shows youths’ growing empathy gap: Yet 80% say it’s teachers & parents who’re prioritizing their achievements over their caring.

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