You need respect on the inside

We give youth and their influencers the tools to break cycles of disrespect and thrive.

Our Toolkit

Vulnerable youth learn they are "unique contributors to the greater whole" and expand their life pathways.

Our Training

Influencers more effectively connect with and mentor youth by practicing The Respect Basics.


boost resiliency, empathy, life skills
450 group and individual coaching activities and Common Core journaling assignments for vulnerable and opportunity youth ages 11-24.


build equity, restorative skills
Nurture self-respect and resiliency, gain trauma-informed coaching tools, create caring connections and mentor more effectively.


improve academic, mentoring, climate outcomes
Integrate Respect 360™ into your SEL, mentor program, social-emotional learning curriculum or college/job-readiness pathways.


Get your own toolkit, journal, and learn
how to use Respect 360 at your site.


Learn  to facilitate the journal program, which includes 100s of exercises to help youth practice The Respect Basics.


Learn the how to redefine respect and practice The Respect Basics.


National Respect Labs

At our labs, we directly impact more than 7,000 youth and their influencers with Respect 360™, and conduct research about self-respect and resiliency development, to help middle and high school students improve their life and academic outcomes. Learn more.

Silicon Valley: Student #tellyourtruth video.

New York: The power of self-respect.


Self-respecting adults are the gatekeepers to better futures for vulnerable youth. Start boosting your self-respect now. Join our 30-Day #irespectmyself challenge—and help us reach 60,000 vulnerable youth and their influencers along the way.

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Why self-respect?

Our research shows that self-respect is a critical youth development asset—especially for vulnerable youth. Self-respect, knowing you’re a unique contributor to the greater whole, is less fragile than self-esteem (your opinion of yourself based on outside messages), and increases youth and their influencers’ resiliency, empathy and goal-attainment ability.


Hot Topics

Ending the school-to-prison pipeline. As the daughter and sister of three men who went to prison vs. college, it didn’t surprise me to learn that in the U.S., 1 in 7 U.S. youth (7 million) were suspended in 2011-2012. And these kids are three times more likely to have contact with the justice system. You can invest $10 to empower 10 mentors to help end the school-to-prison pipeline. Mentors will learn to use our trauma-informed coaching tools, create caring connections and mentor more effectively using our Respect 360 toolkit. We aim to reach 1 million mentors through 2020 with our new R360 app.

Re-connecting disconnected youth. RI and our Clinton Global Initiative partners committed to providing 11,000 vulnerable young women and men of color with self-respect building coaching to improve their ability to stay connected to caring mentors and choose positive pathways by 2015. Join us in providing training to community-based educators, case workers and law enforcement officials to transform 15-minute “transactions” into restorative “coaching interactions.”


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30-Day #irespectmyself Challenge

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Self-respecting adults are the gatekeepers to better futures for vulnerable youth. Boost respect for yourself—and 60,000 youth—with a 30-day commitment.


Awards from Ashoka Changemakers and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation

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Ri was named one of the 6 winners, out of 200 entries, of the Building Vibrant Communities: Activating Empathy to Create Change challenge to discover and support innovative ideas that activate empathy to nourish stronger, more vibrant communities and future changemakers.

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Amplifying Success for Young Men of Color

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If you’ve seen my TEDx Talk, you know I’m a mother of a son, a domestic violence survivor and that my father Artimeo was a young man of color who went to prison vs. college. Check out our new national project to fortify self-respect and caring connections for young men.


Meeting President Obama!

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I have to say meeting President Barack Obama in San Jose in May was a huge full-circle moment for me and my entire family.