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30-Day #irespectmyself Challenge – The Respect Institute

30-Day #irespectmyself Challenge

By January 8, 2010Tools

You care about marginalized girls. You care about disenfranchised boys. You care about the young men and women they’ll become. You know that vulnerable youth need the equal opportunity to build resiliency and thrive. Here’s why you matter (so much!) in this equation: Self-respecting adults are the gatekeepers to better futures for vulnerable youth. Start boosting your self-respect now:

take these steps

No. 1: Create Your Practice

  • After you join, you’ll receive the 30-DayRespectPractice PDF.
  • Commit to how you’ll respect yourself for the next 30 days.

No. 2: Get Help

It’s a Respect Basic! Take these steps to get support and keep yourself accountable:

  • Pick a partner. Check in daily to stay committed. (We’ll be cheering you on each day too via your inbox!)
  • Or start a Respect Circle. Use the Today practice (page 2 of PDF) as daily prompt and share over email.
  • Post progress daily on Twitter. Use the hashtag: #irespectmyself (Hint! there are prizes involved!)

No. 3: Spread Respect

Donate. As part your practice, pay it forward. Your investment of $10 per youth will help us reach 60,000 youth and their influencers by 2017. Through our national partners, you’ll be connecting vulnerable girls with self-respecting mentors who’ll help them become leaders in their own lives—and beyond. And with us, you’ll be helping end the school-to-prison pipeline, which is trapping our young men of color, via Respect 360 restorative and trauma-informed adults.

the impact

60,000 youth and their influences get the Respect 360 toolkit, journal or other tools to boost self-respect and end cycles of disrespect.

The Respect Institute has provided a framework that empowers our students to realize their personal power, harness their energy, and focus on what they are passionate about. Our advisory program is constructed around The Respect Basics, and these basics frame the work of our school and are helping our students develop the belief in self and resilience that will propel them to, and sustain them, in college.
—Dr. Jennifer Gkourlias, Founding Principal, YWCP

Help end the school-to-prison pipeline by increasing the capacity of 1 million mentors to make every interaction caring and restorative. 

As the daughter and sister of three men who went to prison vs. college, it didn’t surprise me to learn that in the U.S., 1 in 7 U.S. youth (7 million) were suspended in 2011-2012. And these kids are three times more likely to have contact with the justice system. Watch this 1-minute video hosted by our partner sheknows to learn how we’ll help solve the problem.
—Courtney Macavinta, CEO and Co-Founder, The Respect Institute

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