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Oprah and Tyler Perry Give a Voice to Male Survivors of Abuse – The Respect Institute

Oprah and Tyler Perry Give a Voice to Male Survivors of Abuse

By April 10, 2011Uncategorized

Oprah’s two-part show featuring male survivors of sexual abuse, to me, is her most important work ever. 1 in 6 males *report* that they’ve been sexually abused. We know not all are able to come forward—or survive. (Show 1) and (Show 2).

I know more men than not who were sexually abused. I think because of the nature of my work, I’ve been honored to hear their truths. And most of these men have not healed. Some have died, in my opinion, as collateral damage (from addictions mostly). Others are alive but the innocent boy in them is dead. So they can’t get close to people or thrive.

At least one got direct help and his life is powerful and full of love—especially for himself. The thought of my son ever being violated is not a dark place I can dip my feet.

I think these shows are living proof of how the road back to respect starts when you Tell Your Truth. And then I hope the next Respect Basic you tap into, especially we survivors of abuse, is Get Help.

• Help for boys and men

• Help for girls and women—and all people

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