Respect 360

Use Respect 360 to help vulnerable youth develop self-respect and stay connected to school, mentors, and their support network

Look Inside

The Toolkit

Respect 360 contains hundreds of group and 1-on-1 mentoring activities, discussion questions and Common-Core aligned journaling assignments. Youth and their influencers partner to redefine respect, practice The Respect Basics, break cycles of disrespect and thrive. The toolkit can be implemented as a curriculum, a daily or weekly program, or as a nimble framework for creating safe spaces for youth to nurture self-respect and their resiliency with the support of a caring, trained influencer.

Respect 360 Training

We offer two training formats. Participants review the toolkit, practice facilitating activities, learn The Respect Basics Coaching method, build their capacity to be trauma-informed, effective youth influencers, and plan their implementation of Respect 360. Our eTraining Center allows you to complete a self-guided, 2-hour online training—which you can stop and start at your leisure. Our live training allows you to customize your professional development experience, complete sessions facilitated by Ri trainers, and varies in length from 4 to 12 hours based on designed outcomes. In both cases, you’ll earn a Respect 360 Certified Leader badge to add to your professional and social networks. See FAQ below.

The Journal

We offer a journal program for youth and their influencers. The journal is a 5×7, 96-page, perfect bound booklet, including hundreds of prompts, exercises and quotes that youth (ages 11-24) and influencers can use to practice The Respect Basics, build resiliency and thrive. Journals are available in English and Spanish. We don’t sell the journals but offer a self-guided eTraining to partners to implement and measure the program and provide the journals as program materials.

Respect 360 Toolkit: Handouts + Videos

Looking for the handouts, videos, or other support materials mentioned in your toolkit? Click here


Is Respect 360 a curriculum, program or training?

It’s all three.

Curriculum. Many youth development organizations or schools implement the Respect 360 toolkit as a social-emotional curriculum. Each activity in the toolkit is designed to be led for 50 minutes, based on instructional design best practices, but can be shortened (guidelines provided) to be as short as 15-minute sessions. Outcomes can be measured effectively after just six sessions. Sessions can be repeated as refreshers for youth.

Program. Respect 360 is implemented as a daily, weekly or bi-weekly program by partners. Check out our case studies or factsheet for ideas.

Training. To implement the toolkit, youth influencers must be trained by The Respect Institute via an eTraining or live training. We offer a Respect 360 leader certification for youth influencers as well.

What is the cost?

Toolkits and Journals. Go to the shop.

eTraining courses. Go to the shop.

Live Training. $5,000 for 4-6 hours or $10,000 for 2 days + travel within U.S. Includes 25 toolkits (cost TBD for additional toolkits). Within 50 miles of San Jose, CA: $3,500 for 4-6 hours or $7,500 for 2 days. Includes follow-up coaching and implementation support.

Again, we work on a sliding scale so please inquiry about partnering with us no matter what your budget is at this time.

How long is the live training?

The experiential live training varies in length based on designed outcomes:

  • 4 hours. Orientation to Respect 360 toolkit, practicing The Respect Basics and participating in activities from the toolkit.
  • 6 hours. Two additional hours of practicing The Respect Basics Coaching Model and receiving feedback.
  • 12 hours (2 days). An additional day of youth influencer capacity building focused on facilitating Respect 360 for groups, trauma-informed best practices and designing your implementation plan.

How long is the eTraining?

The current eTraining takes about 2 hours to complete on your own—you can stop and start when you like.

How many influencers can we train?

Live training. Depends on space. We work in circles of 3. We’ve trained up to 300 people in the past, space permitting. eTraining. Up to 50 people per webinar.

Where is the live training held?

At your site. Travel is included in the training cost if your site is within 50 miles of San Jose, CA.