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2,050 high school students surveyed after six Respect 360 sessions

of youth say their definition of RESPECT shifted to include respecting themselves, ``to look again`` and ``I matter, you matter.``
of youth said they now had the tools to deal with bullying, cliques or abuse and felt safe about speaking about disrespect that affected them (a 27% increase)
of youth agreed that The Respect Basics have given them new, better ways to practice respect for themselves and to help spread respect to others
respected each other as equals (up from 65%)

120 middle school students surveyed after 15 sessions

said they trusted their peers in the Respect Circle (24% increase)
reported feeling safe to speak the truth in their circle (29% increase)
reported that the peers in their circle listened to them (29% increase)
said ``I feel like I belong at my school`` (16% increase)

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Before and After

I am sincere when I say that the past week of Respect 360 for more than 1,500 teens throughout Connecticut was the most enriching week I have ever spent in my 42 years in education. As a result of the program, many of the teens will be empowered to make changes that will help them develop into strong people who are confident, capable and self-reliant.

Robert Lehr, Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference

Respect 360 is extraordinary in its ability to provide fun, low-risk exercises to explore some of the most challenging issues teens face. The lessons are easy to teach and they’re full of heart. The toolkit gets teens’ attention right away. I am excited to work with this curriculum!

Rachel Simmons, founder of The Girls Leadership Institute and author of the bestseller ODD GIRL OUT

In my 25 years in education, I've never been to an assembly where you can hear the overhead lights buzzing at times that's how engrossed the girls were in the program.

Deborah Rutigliano, Vice Principal, City Hill Middle School

Learning The Respect Basics, which this program emphasizes, is every bit as important as learning the basics of reading, writing and math in terms of a person’s education for a meaningful successful, and happy life.

Guidance Counselor, Sidwell Friends Middle School