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Maryland – Howard County: Choose Civility

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As part of our National Respect Tour, we’ll be in Columbia, Maryland as part of the Choose Civility, a community-wide initiative lead by Howard County Library system. FREE resources are available here.

Oct. 4
8:30-10:30 am
Howard County Public Schools
Respect: Keep It Going! Kit (12-week program)
Middle School Counselor Training to implement program throughout Howard County schools.

Oct. 5
Howard Community College

9:30 am – 1:00 pm
Middle school workshop—Disrespect Dilemmas: How to Deal
Do your so-called friends or others bully you? Do you struggle with saying “no” or standing up for what you believe in? Have you been on the bad end of a rumor? Have you ever been in a major fight with a siblings or your parents? We all go through these dilemmas. So what makes a relationship respectful? In this workshop, middle and high school students learn how to use the Respect Basics to make sure respect is a basic in all your relationships: family, friends, and with boyfriends/girlfriends. 200 7th and 8th graders from 20 middle schools.

2:30-4:30 pm
College workshop—Communication Secrets: Facebook or Facetime?
Come learn some innovative and easy communication tips that will help you end misunderstandings, get where other people are coming from, and get what you want when it comes to your relationships, education or career. Learn how to control your impact—online and offline—when you’re communicating, negotiating and making requests. This interactive workshop will be delivered by The Respect Institute, which works with students and their allies all over the country and has been featured by CNN, USA Today, Teen Vogue and others.

7:00-9:30 pm
Public event—
Save the date for an examination into how civil understanding, respect and behavior can have a positive impact in helping to eradicate bullying. Through our partnerships with the Howard County Public School System and Howard Community College, we will engage the ideas and thoughts of students, their parents, and the Howard County community. The symposium will be moderated by noted NPR journalist Korva Coleman, engaging experts with perspectives from academia, psychology and behavioral science. Featured panelist Courtney Macavinta is President of The Respect Institute and coauthor of the best-seller RESPECT. Additional panelists include Hammond High School Principal Marcy Leonard and psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Brad Sachs.