Our Model

We make a collective impact through trained youth development partners

We partner with youth development organizations to implement Respect 360, a research-based and trauma-informed toolkit, at their sites. Respect 360 contains 375 group and individual coaching activities that help youth see they are “unique contributor to the greater whole” who can learn to thrive despite their circumstances. Youth influencers build their capacity to nurture The Respect Basics, create a culture of respect and coach and mentor youth and young adults ages 11-24 more effectively. Partners select an implementation program based on their desired outcomes such as increasing youths’:

  • connection to caring adults
  • social-emotional life skills
  • college or workplace readiness
  • risk prevention or trauma recovery
  • capacity for empathy and healthy relationships


Youth and their influencers increase their self-respect, resiliency and leadership capacity so they can break cycles of disrespect and thrive. Examples of how partners are integrating Respect 360:

  • Title 1 school: An intensive daily group program for 30 weeks
  • Residential program: A weekly group program for 15 weeks
  • Mentor program: 12 sessions (one per month)
  • Juvenile justice: An individual coaching program for up to 12 sessions

Case Studies