The Respect Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

You care about marginalized girls. You care about disenfranchised boys. You care about the young men and women they’ll become. You know that vulnerable youth need the equal opportunity to heal and  thrive. And they need you—caring, self-respecting adults to guide them. So you also care about yourself as their youth influencers. Self-respecting adults are the gatekeepers to better futures for vulnerable youth. In 2016, join us in practicing The Respect Basics and taking the pledge:


Your investment will help us reach 50,000 youth and their influencers by 2017. Through our national partners, you’ll be connecting vulnerable girls with self-respecting mentors who’ll help them become leaders in the own lives—and beyond. And with us, you’ll be helping end the school-to-prison pipeline, that is trapping our young men of color, via restorative, trauma-informed adults.