1,000 Women for Respect

Our Commitment

1,000 women are giving self-respect building tools to 10,000 vulnerable girls in low-income schools, jails, group homes, teen pregnancy prevention programs, and college-prep initiatives. 

Together 1,000 Women for Respect will provide the full funding to provide training for influencers, materials and program implementation for girls nationwide. We will do it by collectively investing $100,000 into the campaign–$10 per girl—that’s $100 per woman. Alternatively, a donation of $250 provides Respect 360 to a partner site of your choosing that’s serving girls. Once you invest, you’ll be invited to join an online Respect Circle to experience the difference in your own life and you can also attend a live event with girls and women.

Meet the women!

Instill Self-Respect to Improve Academic Outcomes for Girls
In 2013, The Respect Institute (RI) and partners committed to providing 10,000 vulnerable young women ages 11 to 18 in more than ten states through 2015 the tools and coaching, including the Respect 360 toolkit, needed to build self-respect in order to improve academic and life outcomes. The Respect Institute will train partners to integrate the Respect 360 toolkit into their girl and vulnerable youth development frameworks, which includes more than 75 activity, journal and group discussion cards that can be utilized in Respect Circles (small groups) or via a coaching process to guide youth and young adults to practice The Respect Basics. In total, the Respect 360 toolkit will be delivered by more than 500 trained educators, mentors, advisors, counselors, intervention workers, and social workers in settings such as advisory groups, after-school groups, residential programs, and mentoring sessions.