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Miami: YPO-WPO Youth & Family – The Respect Institute

Miami: YPO-WPO Youth & Family

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September 21-24
YPO-WPO Miami Chapter

About YPO-WPO: YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) connects successful young chief executives in a global network unlike any other. The organization unites approximately 18,000 business leaders in more than 100 countries around a shared mission: Better Leaders Through Education and Idea Exchange™. To join YPO, you must be under the age of 45 and the chief operator (CEO, managing director, president, chairman or equivalent) of a company that fulfills minimum size and revenue requirements. Upon turning 50, you “graduate” from YPO into WPO (World Presidents’ Organization), which allows you to continue reaping the benefits of the YPO experience while also recognizing that your priorities may have shifted over time.

The Respect Institute is proud to work with YPO chapters to serve the entire family with enriching educational programs and events that allow families/spouses/partners to connect. Here is the program we’re doing in Miami:

Thriving in a Supportive Role
Support staff are the linchpins of all organizations. When it comes to your company reaching its goals one thing is for sure: You matter. Learn how to amplify your self-care to insure that you thrive, make “respect” a basic in communication in your organization to make sure it thrives, and lead others in being successful and reaching the organization’s goals from your leadership post. Workshop for executive assistants to CEOs and presidents who are YPO-WPO members.

Reinvent Your Self-Care
Where is your time and energy going? What would fully support you thriving in all areas of your life — your health, relationships, parenting, work, community leadership and beyond? Learn how to practice the Respect Basics to reinvent your self-care, define “balance” in your own terms, and set new boundaries that improve your relationships and to make the impact you want. You’ll connect with other members, share your stories, partner to complete interactive exercises, and get practical tools that help you recognize the energy drains in your life and re-focus your attention on what matters to you most. Most importantly, learn ways to coach yourself and those around you (including your kids) to make self-respect the foundation of your choices.Workshop for YPO-WPO spouse/partners.

Mother-Daughter Program: Keeping Your Connection
Fun, experiential program that lets you connect with your children and other members, share your stories, partner to complete interactive exercises, and get innovative take-aways and tools. Look again at Gossip. Bullying. Negative body image and low self-esteem. Relationship drama. Digital disrespect. Explore together common dilemmas daughters and mothers face and learn how to strengthen your self-respect, communication and bond using The Respect Basics.

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