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Respect 360 eTraining – The Respect Institute

Respect 360 eTraining

By February 10, 2014Uncategorized

Youth and young adult influencers (including peers) use Respect 360 to co-actively build self-respect in individuals ages 11-24. Respect 360 is a training and toolkit containing 75+ cards and 375 activities, discussion questions or journaling assignments along with a coaching method that guide youth and young adults through how to: redefine respect, practice The Respect Basics, break cycles of disrespect, achieve positive goals and thrive. Respect 360 is part of a Clinton Global Initiative commitment to reach 10,000 vulnerable youth with this toolkit by 2015.

Go to: /programs/respect-360/

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  • Hello Courtney,

    I have been trying desperately to get my school on board; money is ever an issue as I fight for tuition assistance for every girl who applies! I’m thinking I need to be trained, even if my school is not in a place to afford this program at this time. I believe our young people need it and wonder about bringing this program to “quiet Maine” where bullying and lack of confidence, entitlement and the like certainly muddy the waters of adolescence here as well as in the BIG cities. Would you train a single individual. What if I partnered, on my own and joined your crusade???

    It’s been a full year since we met. Thinking of you and my time with NCGS daily!



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