Courtney Macavinta, Co-Founder and CEO of The Respect Institute, speaks to youth and influencers nationwide on keynote topics ranging from respect-based communication to the difference between self-esteem and self-respect and how to deal with disrespect like bullying and lead social change. At the invitation of schools or youth organizations, Ri also provides parent and family or youth workshops, retreats and The Respect Rally workshop .

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Respect Rally + Workshops
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The activities were inspiring and incredibly impactful for the youth and adults alike. Courtney's energy set such a positive tone, and she created a safe space where everyone treated each other with respect, was open to learning and growing and was encouraged to explore and celebrate their unique strengths and talents.

Leanne Gluck, Program Director, GIRL SCOUTS OF THE USA

Students greatly appreciated both her showing her genuine self through sharing her story as well as her practical Respects Basics the students could use in their day-to-day. After Courtney left, I had students telling me how much more they realized they too had a story and they were worth something. I believe this event triggered students in a way that will now challenge them to "Get Help," one of The Respect Basics. I would recommend the program to other campuses and we will certainly invite her back to SJSU.

Staci Gunner, Division of Student Affairs, SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY

Courtney effortlessly inspired more than 500 young women at our Annual Spirit of Leadership Conference, engaging each and every young woman in the room. More than any keynote speakers we have ever had, she became an intimate part of our family. We consider ourselves blessed to have RESPECT as future partners in empowering young women.


The Respect Rally

The Respect Rally is a summit for youth and their influencers, hosted by schools, nonprofit organizations or communities. The Rally is 2 hours for middle schools and 4 hours for high schools and colleges. It is interactive with music, videos, physical exercises, experiential activities, powerful discussions and breaks. Participants work in Respect Circles throughout the program and connect with the whole room throughout the day. The Respect Rally is often the kick-off of a partner site’s implementation of Respect 360. The goal of the Rally is to inspire participants to use The Respect Basics in their own lives so they can thrive, create more respect in their relationships, and be leaders of social change. Program fee: We work on a sliding scale. Standard fee: San Francisco Bay Area: $2,500 (includes 5 toolkits for the site). Nationwide: $4,000 (includes travel and 5 toolkits).

Our students saw themselves as agents of change and developed ways to begin spreading respect locally and globally. If Respect Rallies happened at all schools across the nation, our world as a whole would definitely be impacted positively.

Stephanie Payes, Guidance Counselor, KIPP Schools

The Respect Rally was a great way to reinforce the importance of self-respect and respect for others.

Sharlee Jeter, President, DEREK JETER’S TURN 2 FOUNDATION

I loved that the Respect Rally allowed our 600 students to bond in smaller groups and see that the issue of respect is universal. The language Ri uses is so perfect—it's like the language of teenagers and allows them to express themselves and tap into their power to address issues of disrespect in their lives. The visualization during the Rally was absolutely amazing—to see total silence as they were doing reflection, the girls scribbling while writing their letters, their eagerness to share with the group. The student-run Respect Circles have also been something that girls really resonate with as far as taking control of their lives. The toolkit is easy to integrate with girls leading the way.

Heidi Rolfson, Counseling Department Chairperson, NOTRE DAME HIGH SCHOOL

Past Appearances

Courtney’s spoken before audiences as large as 1,500 people for hundreds of organizations including:

  • American Association of University Women
  • Asian American Recovery Service
  • Connecticut School Association, Sunnyvale School District
  • Cosmopolitan for Latinas
  • Junior League
  • Derek Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation
  • Eastern Michigan University, San Jose State University, Millersville University
  • Girl Scouts of the USA
  • Girls Incorporated
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Jenna Druck Foundation
  • KIPP
  • Project Cornerstone
  • Sunnyvale School District
  • Univision
  • Yahoo! Telemundo
  • Young Women’s Leadership Network
  • YPO-WPO Global Leadership Conference